Educational Programs

Since the field of supply chain encompasses numerous functions and types of roles, there are as many educational opportunities as there are jobs.  Unlike other professional fields where the educational paths are well defined (i.e. Doctors, Lawyers, engineers etc), there is no pre set curriculum for those interested in a career in supply chain.   While formal, accredited educational programs exist, the content and depth of information can vary greatly.    

Given the complexity of educating supply chain professionals, there are now many different types of organizations offering programs, degrees and certification in supply chain. While this site provides an overview of what programs are available, it is by no means a comprehensive inventory.   From a global perspective there are far too many to list, and the programs, schools and educational offerings are constantly changing.  

Formal educational programs can be grouped into the following categories: 

  1. Certifications from professional organizations
  2. Certificates/credentials from Community Colleges
  3. 2 year Associates Degree
  4. 4 year Bachelor's Degree
  5. Master's Degree
  6. PhD

All of these programs provide education that is appropriate for jobs at particular levels.  Before enrolling in any  program, it is important to fully understand what area of supply chain you would like to pursue, and the specific educational requirements needed for the job you hope to fill.