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Coronavirus Vaccine Supply Chain

Coronavirus Vaccine Supply Chain areeya_ann / Getty Images

A coronavirus vaccine is being developed by many companies, however, once that is developed, a very complex supply chain has to exist to support its production, storage and distribution. This article, Developing the coronavirus vaccine supply chain, explains the complexity and will hopefully allow people to understand why it will take time for the entire process to occur. Fortunately, many companies are already building out this supply chain as this field is used to being agile and creative in how it operates.

Full article: Developing the Coronavirus Vaccine Supply Chain, Supply Chain Dive, June 16, 2020



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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Impact on the Supply Chain


Before the pandemic, most people had little to no understanding of what a supply chain was, or how it operates.   Now, because the topic is in the news almost nightly, people are understanding how easy a supply chain can break, and how it can impact them personally.  From toilet paper to vaccines, people are learning that a supply chain is a very complex intertwined group of processes that can span the globe. 

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Evolution of SC Education


As supply chain has become more important in the economy and for companies, educational institutions have responded by creating new programs to support the needs of students.

When I attended college, a degree in supply chain didn’t even exist. The closest type of program was production and operations management. What I learned years into my career is that that major didn’t even cover 50% of the functions with the supply chain.

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31st Annual Salary Survey: Work smart, earn more - Article from Logistics Management

A great article about salary progression in the supply chain industry

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