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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Impact on the Supply Chain


Before the pandemic, most people had little to no understanding of what a supply chain was, or how it operates.   Now, because the topic is in the news almost nightly, people are understanding how easy a supply chain can break, and how it can impact them personally.  From toilet paper to vaccines, people are learning that a supply chain is a very complex intertwined group of processes that can span the globe. 

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Why I Teach Supply Chain


I have had the privilege of teaching supply chain to students at Harper College for the past 2 years. The students I teach are part of a Fasttrac program. This program requires them to take 10 different supply chain classes with the same cohort group. Every time I start with a new group of students I am impressed by their dedication and willingness to learn. Most of the students have full time jobs, and this program requires them to attend class once per week from 6-10 pm for 6 weeks per class.

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Top reasons for a career in Supply Chain at any level of experience

Why a career in supply chain?

Amazon's recent $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods is a game changer to the way we shop but also to the supply chain. Disruption can often lead to job growth and career opportunities for those willing to take them and the supply chain has seen a great deal of this change recently.

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