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Why I Teach Supply Chain


I have had the privilege of teaching supply chain to students at Harper College for the past 2 years. The students I teach are part of a Fasttrac program. This program requires them to take 10 different supply chain classes with the same cohort group. Every time I start with a new group of students I am impressed by their dedication and willingness to learn. Most of the students have full time jobs, and this program requires them to attend class once per week from 6-10 pm for 6 weeks per class.

When I start each new session, I ask the students why they are participating in this program. The overwhelming answer is that they want to learn more in order to advance their career, or change careers. Many of these students already work in supply chain, but they want to learn more. These students recognize that supply chain is not just one function and they want to learn about the other functions and how they impact each other.

I personally am an inquisitive person that loves to learn. Plus, it’s a lot of fun teaching others that want to learn as well. These students challenge me to think creatively about the materials that I am teaching, and how it will impact their careers. I have also benefited from teaching as it has made me a better teacher at work. I am able to present ideas more clearly and am more patient when teaching them.

Supply chain is a complex and continually changing field to work in. By teaching it, I have become a more educated teacher and employee. While I hope to help my students improve their career prospects, they have helped me to find something else to be passionate about.


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