Inventory Analyst. This hire will join an existing team to help them bringing the variances closer to 0 or keeping them at 0. Looking for a strong analytical problem solver who can dive deeper into numbers and be able to find where the discrepancies are either system related or caused by human errors. This analyst should understand the flow of good: from work in progress to finished goods to shipped goods, what the bill of materials and PO are.


  • Review production reporting activity in Oracle  
  • Review receiving activity in Oracle
  • Review pending receipts of RAW materials in Oracle
  • Record any issues and communicate to the appropriate partner (overdue receipts, questionable job quantities, receipt error)
  • Review automated PO report for pricing errors and missing PO’s
  • Support external users as needed (transactional support in Oracle) Weekly
  • Review production/delivery schedules and determine expected receipt and production quantities. This will aid in daily review of production reporting and receiving to determine if any data entry errors have occurred
  • Every Monday use automated “inv adj report” to create “receipt correction report”. Receipt correction happens when the external manufacturer physically ships more or less than what was shipped in Oracle. “Receipt correction” report is shared with the external manufacturer with direction to investigate all corrections listed on report
  • Create report showing “aged jobs” and share with external manufacturer, all jobs should have only a two week lifespan. When production is complete jobs need to be moved into complete status, finance team will then close.
  • Work with external partner every Wednesday to create weekly inventory reconciliation report. Any unreasonable discrepancies need to be researched to ensure resulting financial impact can be confidently communicated to finance and leadership.
  • Reconcile inventory in Oracle using appropriate adjustment codes
  • Review NPP action items and provide feedback on status
  • NPP action items include – tolling item setup, BOM/ROUTING setup, Component item setup Bi-weekly
  • Keep finance team informed of any financial variances or any outstanding activities that could potentially lead to financial variances (i.e. large adjustments, pricing errors) Monthly 
  • Support payment reconciliation activities 

Job Requirements

Required Skills:

  • Previous experience working with Oracle applications in the supply chain
  • Strong Excel skills (pivot tables, reporting)
  • PowerPoint (for creating presentations to the upper level management)
  • Strong problem solving, analytical skills.
  • Understanding the principles of logistics, distribution, manufacturing